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Booking Through Thursday — Periodically (July 5)

Booking Through Thursday asked:

So other than books … what periodicals do you read? Magazines? Newspapers? Newsletters? Journals?

Do you subscribe? Or do you buy them on the newsstand when they look interesting?

My answer:
In the past I’ve tried numerous forms of periodicals. I like to pick up the occasional Maclean’s Magazine. It’s released weekly and covers current affairs in Canada. I’ve thought about getting a subscription in the past and I’m sure sometime in the future I’ll get one. I’ve also been a previous subscriber of the Toronto Star, Globe and Mail and National Post. All newspapers that serve the Greater Toronto Area and across Canada. Since I work in a bookstore I’m kept up to date by the marketing departments of certain publishers as to what’s to come in the book world. I’m also subscribed to a few authors blogs on Twitter and it helps me keep up to date with new novels from my favourite authors. Since I’ve joined WordPress I’ve began to follow many of my readers blogs. As for any other magazines I see I usually just purchase them if the front page seems appealing or read them on my break while at work. (Definite luxury for sure!)

What about you?! What do you prefer? Leave comments below! Don’t forget to subscribe.

Happy Reading! 🙂