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Friday Finds — Fiction Edition (July 6)

I figure I dedicate a majority of my book posts to YA fiction and not enough to true hearty adult fiction. How does it work? Well.. FRIDAY FINDS (hosted by Should Be Reading) showcases the books you ‘found’ and added to your To Be Read (TBR) list… whether you found them online, or in a bookstore, or in the library — wherever! (they aren’t necessarily books you purchased). I’m always adding new books to my Goodread’s account and have created numerous shelves for them. So, here we go!

My Finds:






You can click on any one of the covers and you’ll be directed to the GoodReads info page for the novel.

What are some of your finds this week? (Doesn’t have to be themed like mine!)

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What Can We Expect From Insurgent?! Out May 1st!

Insurgent will be released next month on May 1st. It’s been one year since Veronica Roth’s similar but different Hunger Games-esque dystopian was released.

In the debut novel, Divergent we’re introduced to Beatrice Prior who lives in a futuristic Chicago with her family. A futuristic Chicago that divides its society by 5 different factions. Each faction holds its own values and beliefs that must be upheld by those who reside in the faction’s district. At the age of 16 all males and females are put through a series of aptitude tests to determine which faction will best suit them as they enter adulthood. ‘Faction before blood’ is placed around Chicago to remind everyone that once you pick your faction, regardless if you leave your family behind you must obey your factions values and beliefs. Unfortunately, for Beatrice she feels she doesn’t completely fit into any 1 faction and she realizes she isn’t alone.

Last year I got the chance to meet Veronica Roth while she was touring. Everyone that I work with was totally mesmorized by the debut novel. We would discuss which factions we would rather and which would be awful. Luckily, we didn’t have to guess anymore but got the chance to take the Official Facebook Faction Quiz. If you’re a fan, definitely check this quiz out. It takes you through the actual aptitude test that you read about in the novel. It’s sort of neat and fun to do with your friends!

Anyways, after the hype of Divergent there have been many YA fiction to come and go throughout the past year. None of them have truly captured me since Divergent though. Once again, my coworkers and I got truly jazzed when 2012 rang in because it meant one thing.. The sequel to Divergent is coming in 5 months!! To be honest, my book store has a pretty good relationship with the marketers at the big name publishing companies in Toronto and the surrounding area. We seemed pretty confident that we would without a doubt get an ARC (advance reader’s copy) of Insurgent. I did some research to see what the odds were and creeped Veronica Roth’s web page with deets about HOW TO GET AN ARC. She had written a few blogs about how there weren’t many to be distributed this time around. This mean, I don’t want a lot of spoilers given out before the release date but I’m trying to be nice about it. I understood and got my manager to give a call to Harper Teen. We were told that they only received 5 ARCS of Insurgent and that they would be holding a contest of the stores who could prove they were the BIGGEST fans of the series. We got down to work and decided to create something amazing that the other stores would never do. So this is what we came up with..

We decided to recreate the tree that is on the cover of Insurgent and also represents the faction Amity in the novels. We got a bit creative and printed of the factions on small cue cards and decorated it. Both photos I merged are different vantage points of the tree in the store. I think it’s pretty sweet and earned us the right to 1 ARC of Insurgent. I’ve been pretty lucky to score dibs on reading it first. So, I’ll give you some insight as to what to expect in the next installment. I don’t want to say I’m going to make this a full out spoiler entry because I really want you all to have a chance to enjoy it. So what did I think of it??! Well..

1) Tris and Tobias’ (Four) relationship
Throughout Divergent we witness the budding relationship between Tris and Tobias (Four) developing. Of course, in Insurgent it definitely becomes a focal point but it doesn’t make us forget what exactly is happening in the destroyed world around them. At times, I wanted to stop reading because I’m not a fan of romance but as I keep reading and blogging about YA fiction it keeps resurfacing. I kept trudging along, with that being said I’m not saying that it’s a complete waste of a read! I actually enjoyed it more than Divergent.

2) The rebellion
If you remember at the end of Divergent there is a massive war breaking out and control serums are all over the place. Don’t you worry, that will be another element coming back again. Now it’s not only control serums but there’s a wack load of other futuristic mumbo jumbo that we’re introduced to as well. This novel pretty much focuses on the rebellion, allies and enemies amongst all the factions. Who will come out on top? Really, this novel builds up to an awesome finale that isn’t due out until next year.

3) Who’s on who’s side??!
I found myself having to re-read some chapters since it seems there is a lot of broken promises and tyranny exploding in each chapter. There’s a lot of deception amongst the characters and at times I wanted to smack Tris around and tell her to stop being stupid! She really got under my skin, even MORE SO THAN KATNISS.. ugh. But with that being said, Tris is really a character you love to hate and really want the best for her. I know you will all enjoy the curve ball of characters being re-introduced/introduced in this story line. Everyone is kinda on the edge due to the rebellion, so no one is completely trustworthy.

Anyways, I hope you all enjoy the novel! Let me know what faction you get in the quiz! And don’t forget to follow my blog and if you like you can follow me on the Twitosphere: @carlyofsuburbia

Also, when I did the quiz I got Dauntless! I get to wear this at work to show off my badass-ness.