Rainbow Cupcakes

In the past I’ve discussed the differences between using food colouring and icing colours. I’ve been able to create some fantastic designs by using the icing colours. You’re able to pin point the exact colour you’re looking for which leads me into creating the ultimate rainbow cupcake!

I was able to create this rainbow deliciousness by separating the batter into 6 different bowls. Each bowl containing a colour of the rainbow. Once you’ve done this now you need to layer your cupcake liners from purple to red or red to purple. If you want definite symmetry between each colour be sure when filling that each colour completely covers the previous colour.

Try it out and I bet it’ll be a hit at your next get together.

Icing Colours vs. Food Colouring

If you read my last post I wrote how I usually partake in potlucks that we host once a month.

Last year I started baking cupcakes on my personal time for my co-workers.  I’ve become known for my themed cupcakes I bring in. During the past year I’ve learned a few Tips and Tricks to ensure you have the best cupcakes possible. Today I’ll be writing about the benefits between Icing Colours vs. Food Colouring.

I love dying my batter and icing when baking cupcakes. I find it adds a little bit of individuality to each cupcake. I noticed when using the standard food colouring you can find in your grocery store that it was having negative effect on my baking. If I wanted a certain deep colour, I would naturally have to use a lot of food colouring in my icing. If you use a lot, it will make your icing thin and difficult to apply to the tops of your cupcakes. For a while, I was only using a white or cocoa icing which limited me to white and brown. I got sick of it and decided to do some research online. After a while, I was browsing the Wilton baking website. I suggest you check it out! I’ve gotten a lot of different items from their online store.

I picked up this set of Wilton Icing Colours:

I’ve used them many times since I bought them last year. The colours are vibrant, so you don’t have to use a lot to dye your icing or batter. I usually use a tooth pick (to tint) or an amount smaller than a pea (full colour). If you’re concerned with the red icing colour tasting poorly, this pack offers the “No Taste” Red. You can also purchase the half ounce pot, if the pack you order doesn’t include “No Taste” Red.

Well, that’s all that I have to say for Icing Colours and Food Colouring.

Happy Baking!

St. Patty’s Day Cupcakes

Forgive me now. I’m writing this post from my Blackberry. I’m kind of curious as to how it turns out. I love baking! I should really upload more of the designs I’ve created in the past. Anyways, I had a potluck at my work on Friday and I decided to make some vanilla cupcakes with mint icing. The mint icing was totally easy to make! I love making my own buttercream icing from scratch.

To ensure you have the best buttercream icing ALWAYS make sure you have unsalted butter. I used icing sugar and added it as I mixed the butter in a bowl. As I did that I also added the peppermint extract to the unsalted butter and icing sugar. When figuring out the flavour for the icing make sure you add a little bit each time before you settle on an exact flavour you like. This means a lot of taste testing as you add! Extract is very strong, so be kind to your friends that will be eating your cupcakes with this icing.  You may think you need a tablespoon but you might actually only require a teaspoon!

** TIPS: It depends how sweet you would like your icing, but always try to add the same amount of icing sugar to match the amount of butter you have used. This concept can also be applied to when you add extracts to your icing. Add bit by bit since it’s easy to adjust

** The unsalted butter should be at room temperature to allow for you to get the best consistency possible for it.

Happy Baking!