Day 2: Colour

Hello! Hopefully I haven’t lost too many of you yet. I’m proud of myself for uploading consistently (only 2 days, I know..) but I know if I want to stay ahead of the game that I’ll have to post before 11:30p. Day 2’s photo-a-day challenge is Colour.

Don’t forget to link me your photos on Twitter: @carlyofsuburbia

Also, tomorrow’s challenge for Day 3 is mail.. I’m really hoping I get some mail or I might have to get creative.

Day 1: Your Reflection

Tada! Day 1 of my Photo-A-Day challenge for the month of April. I’ll be using my blackberry camera mostly, so I hope my photo skills don’t hurt your eyes too much. Day 1 of the Photo-A-Day challenge is a photo of Your Reflection. I decided to try and be creative with my makeup mirror. I think it’s the most over done photo pose ever, so thats what made me decide to do it this way.

Have you taken your first photo yet? Link me!

April: Photo-A-Day Challenge

Here’s the list for the month of April. I’m thinking of posting an actual one made by myself for the month of May. Do you have any suggestions for it?! I’d love to collaborate with some of you, so post a comment on this post with your ideas. Just a reminder! If you want to participate with me during the month of April make sure you add me on Twitter: @carlyofsuburbia or hashtag your posts with #PhotoADayApril.

– C

April: Photo-A-Day Challenge

Okay, so trying to do a photo challenge in March was a flop. University and work got in the way! Pfftt – How dare they! So, with the excitement of Summer approaching I’ll actually be able to complete the April Photo-A-Day challenge. Each day in April I’ll post a photo, exciting huh? Hope you all join me in doing it. We can keep each other in the loop on Twitter with the hashtag: #PhotoADayApril. Add me up on Twitter and stay up to date with my blog!


Hashtag Game in April: