Nicole by OPI Nail Apps Not So Hot!

I took a little time off to review and prepare for some awesome Summer features I’ll be posting soon! Today I figure I’ll go back to my roots and post about nail art. Back in May I wrote about my experience with the Salon Effects by Sally Hansen. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out I’ll provide a link in this post but basically in the grand scheme of things they weren’t my favourite thing. A few months back I decided to purchase some clearance Nicole by OPI Nail Apps. This is the direct competition for Salon Effects by Sally Hansen, so I wanted to see how they compared to each other. All the packaging for these sticker applicators all say how easy they are to apply yourself. I have still to find a product that I can completely apply myself without any assistance. I found this one to be extra tedious since there were instructions to warm the strips before hand. Shaping and cutting the nail strips to fit my nails was a super task to attempt as it left me screaming and cursing at my hands. Each package comes with a 5 step checklist for you to follow to ensure there is success when applying these.
Although, these semi-helpful instructions were provided I still ended up with excess around the edges of my nails, bubbling and creasing. The nail file provided is too abrasive for my liking and left my nails rough along the edges and wasn’t successful in trimming the excess as it should have done. A duo-nail file with a rough and soft side wouldn’ve been preferred for this type of product.

Finally! The finished product! In addition to the strips provided in the packaging I used:

* Scissors
* Soft nail board
* A lovely assistant
* Of course, a Top Coat.

Why a Top Coat? I find that any look liquid or not can always benefit from a Top Coat being applied. When the Top Coat is applied I figure it provides an additional sealant between the nail and strip. Hopefully, it does help in the life span of the strips while being exposed to everyday life.

So now what? Whaddaya think? Well, to be honest.. I only put them on a day and a half ago and already hate them. I don’t hate the design, that’s kinda cool. I know I’m highly intense when using my hands while at work but these just aren’t cutting it. They’ve bubbled, creased and started to lift away at the edges of my nails. The Salon Effects by Sally Hansen did not do that until the 8 or 9 day mark. I’m hoping that maybe the insane heat wave going on in Ontario is the possible perpetrator for this short lived nail design. The only reason why I won’t actually remove them is because it’s too hot for me to paint them with polish right now. I’m glad I didn’t actually pay the intended $14 for these! But rather paid $3. Maybe the markdown in price should’ve cautioned me not to buy them. Whatever the reason may be it will only get a 1/5 on my vote this time around.

Rate for this product: 1/5!

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