Nostalgic Gaming

In the spirit of everything gamer related to E3, today I’ll take a look at a couple of awesome games that caught my interest over the years. Now I don’t consider myself a gamer by any means! Please don’t judge me too much with my amateur review or game choices. Most of the games I’ve tend to play over the years have been mostly simulation or roleplaying in some aspect. If you are looking for a legitimate review/gamer web site, please check out my friend Patrick’s gamer web site. Him and his gaming guru’s have been following the E3 conference in L.A and have been writing responses to the conference on their site. Check it out!

I can still remember the first time I played Pokémon Blue on my Gameboy Colour. It was such a thrill to pretend that you could travel through a mythical world battling, collecting and trading futuristic creatures. In some respect, believing you could be a Pokémon Master amongst your fellow pokémon collectors. I’ll be perfectly honest — The game hasn’t gotten old to me. Recently, I was terribly bored and was looking for something mindless to do online. I thought to myself, ‘I wonder if I could find a way to play a version of Pokémon online..’ Thanks to all the powerful geniuses who created Google because my random idea became an actuality after I typed in ‘PLAY POKEMON ONLINE’. I got my game set up and immediately got into Pokémon mode. I decided to play a version that I’m not all too familiar with, you know.. to try and mix it up a tad. Of course, it’s the same formula as always. Start in a small town, make your way around the world, catch legendary pokémon, elite four at the end and complete pokédex. My trick always in the beginning is to pick the water pokémon out of the 3 offered from the Professor. I almost immediately try to catch a flying type pokémon in the grass. I haven’t gotten too far yet but it’s not like I’ve been dedicating my life to playing it either.

The second series of games I’m truly fond of are the many Grand Theft Auto’s Rockstar has released. Like really, it’s the ultimate game ‘guy’ game. I say this while being a female and loving it because I know a lot of women who dislike this franchise. I think they’re crazy! Who doesn’t wanna (virtually) steal a car, beat someone up for money, unload a firearm or hire a hooker?! My favourite GTA game is probably San Andreas. I loved the characters and the creation of the map.

The third franchise I love playing is anything related to The Sims! To me, these are the ultimate simulation game. I would love creating my own character and playing her. But truly, the best thing about this game would be building the house. I learned fast how to get a cheat to have unlimited simoleons, so I could create the ultimate Sims crib. I would buy the best furniture, appliances, and hobby related equipment. I would also create the craziest love triangles ever. I wouldn’t just stick with my character, I would dysfunction the lives of the computer players too. A few years back, I met someone with a serious addiction to the franchise and who had the luxury of working at EB Games. She let me borrow/permanently keep all of her The Sims 2 expansion discs. I had one of the male characters I was playing get abducted by aliens which was pretty awesome! I like some expansions more than others but had fun with them nonetheless. I haven’t had a chance to try out The Sims 3 yet! But I’ve heard I’m missing out and need to jump on the bandwagon.

Have you had a favourite game over the years? Been following the E3 conference? Leave me a comment below! =)


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