My top 5 pages I visit often!

I’ve had some people ask me why I don’t dedicate a section of my blog to my frequently visited blogs/vlogs. I really don’t know why I haven’t got one but I think it’s because I wanted to have my goodreads account attached, my recent posts and categories I write about on there. Instead of having a permanent section I thought I would include an awesome blog entry on it. Good enough?! I hope so, so here we go!

1. Wake Up Fast’s YouTube Channel

Dain has dedicated his life to making short videos on YouTube. He started out with his Wake Up Calls feature that he would update weekly. Within the last year he’s been creating and going beyond the standard Wake Up Calls to provide the internet with amusing, satirical skits. Check it out! I’ve provided the link above and I definitely recommend you check it out.

Follow him on YouTube and Twitter: @wakeupfast

My favourite vlog:

2. Andrew Hunt’s YouTube Channel

I came across this YouTube channel by accident really. I noticed a lot of people I follow on YouTube are big fans of him. I also fell in love with him once I found out he was Canadian. I like to support my locals whenever I get a chance to. In his videos, he usually likes to rant about random topics that come ot his mind. Sometimes he throws in a song or a ms paint skit but I always thoroughly enjoy his work. He was featured on the Comedy Network’s website as a Canadian Comedian to watch out for. I might as well do my part and promote him the best I can.

You can follow him on Twitter or YouTube: AndyPandy311

My Favourite Vid:


A friend of mine from grade school has been following his dreams of being an Editor-In-Chief of his own gaming website. The website provides reviews on new games, technology and current events related to the gaming industry. They have weekly features and just launched their own YouTune channel as well! If you enjoy following technology or gaming sites, make sure you bookmark this one!

You can follow them on Twitter: @GameJudgment

4. Camille’s Blog

A friend of mine who has a love for all things fashion, photography and beauty hosts her own blog on Blogspot. She does reviews on hip fashion and beauty products. If one or more of these topics interests you, why not take a stroll over to her blog??

You can follow her on Twitter: @camillechurkoo

5. Ayesha’s Nail Art

Ayesha loves nail art, tattoo’s and drawing! All things art related. Her website displays all these things that she has done in the past. Her true passion is nail art, which she does weekly and posts photos of. I was lucky enough to have her do my nails last fall and they turned out fabulously. You can check out her photographic blog at the link provided above.


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