Hunger Games polishes + Top Coat review

I tried out my China Glaze – Hunger Games themed nail polish.  A few weeks back I purchased the Agro (on the left) and Electrify (on the right). Since I’ve been super stressed out for about 3 months I’ve sadly been biting my nails *ugh – horrible habit*. Anyways, I painted one foot with one colour and one foot with the other colour. In the past, I’ve had some issues with super glittery nail polishes that haven’t had a top coat applied to them. They chip easily because of the rough texture. The army green colour lasted longer without a top coat but in the future I would prefer using a top coat on both colours. Unfortunately, the vibrant gold and red glitter polish doesn’t last long without a top coat. My favourite top coat is Rimmel’s Base Coat Top Coat Pro.

Just keep in mind that when you put glitter nail polish on that it is pretty hard to get off. So, when you put a top coat on in it as well it becomes sort of a mission to get both layers off. Soaking your nails in nail polish remover usually works best. But back to my original point, it is the best to have a great top coat to ensure all your fancy nail designs last longer than 2-4 days.


2 thoughts on “Hunger Games polishes + Top Coat review

  1. Saw these at Ulta and wanted to try them!! And thanks for the top coat recommendation – I’ve just been using strengthener as a top coat and it chip likes nobody’s business – I’ll try the Rimmel…

    • Definitely pick up a Top Coat and it will make your nail polish stay on longer! Thanks for reading and commenting! It really made my day when I got a comment 🙂 Keep in touch.

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