Icing Colours vs. Food Colouring

If you read my last post I wrote how I usually partake in potlucks that we host once a month.

Last year I started baking cupcakes on my personal time for my co-workers.  I’ve become known for my themed cupcakes I bring in. During the past year I’ve learned a few Tips and Tricks to ensure you have the best cupcakes possible. Today I’ll be writing about the benefits between Icing Colours vs. Food Colouring.

I love dying my batter and icing when baking cupcakes. I find it adds a little bit of individuality to each cupcake. I noticed when using the standard food colouring you can find in your grocery store that it was having negative effect on my baking. If I wanted a certain deep colour, I would naturally have to use a lot of food colouring in my icing. If you use a lot, it will make your icing thin and difficult to apply to the tops of your cupcakes. For a while, I was only using a white or cocoa icing which limited me to white and brown. I got sick of it and decided to do some research online. After a while, I was browsing the Wilton baking website. I suggest you check it out! I’ve gotten a lot of different items from their online store.

I picked up this set of Wilton Icing Colours:

I’ve used them many times since I bought them last year. The colours are vibrant, so you don’t have to use a lot to dye your icing or batter. I usually use a tooth pick (to tint) or an amount smaller than a pea (full colour). If you’re concerned with the red icing colour tasting poorly, this pack offers the “No Taste” Red. You can also purchase the half ounce pot, if the pack you order doesn’t include “No Taste” Red.

Well, that’s all that I have to say for Icing Colours and Food Colouring.

Happy Baking!


5 thoughts on “Icing Colours vs. Food Colouring

    • Awesome! I checked out your blog and I see you’ve been writing posts on food colouring and how it can affect children with ADD. I’m glad my post was able to give you some additional information on the topic.

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