Failure vs. Never Trying

1. Which is worse, failing or never trying?

Personally a year ago I would’ve said that failing would be worse than never trying. Not succeeding at something we try to do always leaves us with a bitter taste in our mouths. No one wants to remember something someone didn’t complete, why bother? Also, the triumph of achieving a personal goal is somewhat uphoric and when the end result becomes anything but a complete success it leaves a mark on our confidence and slowly manifests itself behind closed doors. Now to the present day, I think never trying something is truly worse than failing. At least if you fail, you’ll find out where your limits are and could possibly be able to proceed in an effective manner in expanding your limits where necessary. If you never try you’ll never know what you’re truly capable of (or not). If you limit yourself to trying new things because you fear failure you’ll end up living a very boring, sheltered life and truly you wouldn’t be living, would you?

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